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1. Education

  • 1985 - graduate of the Faculty of Aircraft Engineering, Polytechnic Institute Bucharest (at present University "Politehnica" of Bucharest), specialization Aircrafts. Graduation thesis regarding the flight dynamics and stability of an aircraft equipped with a system of lateral force direct control

  • 1998 - PhD in Technical Mechanics and Mechanical Vibrations, at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest. Thesis: Contributions to the mechanical study of viscous media

2. Professional experience

  • 1985-1987 - engineer at Bucharest Aircraft Factory (at present ROMAERO)

  • 1987-1990 - engineer at the Institute for Aerospace Scientific Research and Technological Engineering Bucharest (ICSITAv Bucuresti) - at present National Institute of Aerospace Research "ELIE CARAFOLI" (INCAS)

  • 1990-1996 - assistant professor at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Department of Mechanics

  • 1996-2002 - lecturer at the same department

  • 2002-2016 - associate professor at the same department

  • since 2016 - professor at the Department of Mechanics

3. Courses

  • Mechanics (Faculties: Automatic Control and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics)

  • Technical Mechanics (Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, English stream)

  • Vibration Control Methods (Master, Department of Mechanics)

4. Domains of interest

  • Theoretical and applied mechanics

  • Mechanical vibrations, vibration measuring and acquired data processing

  • Flight dynamics and stability

  • Mechanics of continua (elasticity, plasticity and viscoplasticity), strength of materials

  • Numerical methods

  • Numerical and graphical simulation of mechanical systems

  • Computer-aided training

5. Publications

  • over 170 scientific papers, published in scientific journals and in the proceedings of international or national conferences

  • 12 scientific books and universitary courses

  • 5 books of problems

6. Research contracts

  • 9 as a scientific coordinator of the research team

  • 13 as a member of the research team

7. Affiliations

  • Member of the Romanian Acoustic Society

  • Member of the Association of Multibody System Mechanics

  • Member of the Romanian Association of Mechanism and Machine Theory

  • Member of the Robotics Society of Romania

  • Scientific reviewer at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin

  • Member of the Scientific Board of "Romanian Journal of Acoustics and Vibration"

8. Awards

  • Second Prize for 2007 awarded by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research (National Authority for Scientific Research), for excellency in research in the category "Complex research-development projects", thematical area "Transports", for the project Aero-mechanical analysis and synthesis of a flapping wing MAV; demonstrator - FLAWIAS (participant as scientific coordinator of  U.P.B. research team)

9. Additional information

  • since 2008 - member of the board of the Department of Mechanics

  • since 2016 - head of the Department of Mechanics


Department of Mechanics, Research Center in Mechanics of Systems, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest,

313 Splaiul Independentei, room BN-01, postal code 060042, Bucharest, ROMANIA, phone: (004)021.402.92.50, email: secretariat at